Fires rage through Texas

Moving our cattle through the smoke of West Texas wildfires.

When Chap came back up to the house Sunday, his jaw was set and he didn’t take off his leather work gloves. “The deer are moving,” he said.

I nodded, “I saw that,” I said, and went to fetch my own pair of leather gloves. The wildfires are burning, heading this way–in addition to the million-plus acres burning in West Texas, four large fires merged into one giant fire near Dallas, and closer to home, firefighters are still fighting a huge fire in Oak Hill, not far from our home.

Further west, the fires are scorching more than a million acres.

With my heart in my throat, we moved the cattle to the front pasture where the grass is shorter and if the fire makes it this far, it won’t burn as quickly. We worked, side-by-side, not saying a word, and came back to the house and started fire prevention near the house.

Chap scalped the grass down to bare dirt on the property all around the house, and we moved lumber away from propane tank. Now all we can do is keep things wet and pray for rain.


About kitfrazier

Award-winning novelist and former big city journalist who bumped into a cowboy and woke up in the wild, wild west.
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2 Responses to Fires rage through Texas

  1. Larry Wright says:

    No comment

  2. Sandra says:

    Oh no! I hope we get some rain soon.

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