Outraged–the rapist who got away

So I woke up this morning rip-roarin’ excited to tell y’all all about all

on trial

the super cool stuff I’ve learned about books in the new era, and I got the call that I have to cover the trial of a horrible, brutal rape. I covered this story when it first happened two years ago, and now this woman is finally getting justice? Let’s hope so . . . this woman has been victimized by the three men who broke into her home and beat her husband nearly to death and then brutally raped her.

The El Salvador native was indicted on two counts of aggravated sexual assault, and is believed to be the second man who raped Sandy Doyal during the brutal attack April 14, 2009.

Hernandez is still in the Burnet County jail on numerous felony assault charges along with Alvaro Caceras. A third El Salvador native, Nuana Fuentes-Sanchez, who was also indicted on a rape charge in June of 2010 is still on the run after escaping from the Burnet County jail five months after the alleged attack.

According to Burnet County investigators, Caceras, Hernandez and Fuentes-Sanchez broke into the Doyal home. As Bobby Doyal was being beaten beside her in bed, Sandy Doyal said she grabbed a flashlight.

“By the time I could see what was going on, there were three men on him, and with what I saw, he should be dead,” said Sandy Doyal.

She said her husband’s face and body was repeatedly bashed with the butt of rifles the attackers brought with them. Then they allegedly went after Sandy Doyal, covering her face with a pillowcase as they beat and raped her — while her husband lay beaten into unconsciousness beside her.

But not before she gave the rapist a good knot on the head with the flashlight and bit the living crap out of him, two pieces of evidence that may help convict the rapist.

“They tied me up after they raped me. I wasn’t sure how many had raped me, but it was over and over and over again,” Sandy Doyal said.

Three hours later, after Sandy Doyal thought the men had left, she was able to free a hand from the tight rope. She staggered to the kitchen to find a knife and some scissors to free her husband. Their cell phones had been stolen, and they had no landline to call for help.

Within 14 hours, the suspects were caught. Five months later, Nuana Fuentes-Sanchez escaped from the new Burnet County Jail.

“I was angry. Here we caught the guy, and now he’s gone again,” said Sandy.

We’re angry, too, Sandy. We hope you get justice, if not closure.


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